Inside the company report you will see a summary page of all the information on the company including information such as the company credit rating and limit at the top of the page. 

You can use the tabs at the top of the report to find more in depth information on each category:


The financial statements for the last three years can be found in the "Accounts" tab, including the income statement, balance sheet and information on capital and reserves. You can hover over the financial terms to reveal a brief description of the term. An icon is available in the last sub tab "Graph" to display a graph showing key performance indicators.


You will find all the legal history of the company, including collective decisions, litigation and details of privileges.

Event History: 

A description of past events surrounding the company and their impact on the company’s credit rating.The event history section will show any liquidations, dissolution or any striking off order events in the companies past. A history of all previous credit limits and ratings will also be shown here. You can also access Companies House documents and view when any documents have been filed. The ‘view document’ button allows you to view the full documents submitted to Companies House.


Full view of any subsidiaries and all linked companies within the group structure of the company you are viewing. You can click on the company names to view their full company report.


Provides details on the current and past officers and shareholders of the company you are consulting. By clicking on the names, you can get more information about the executive, including the history of the companies he or she previously ran. Contact information for the top 20 shareholders can be found at the bottom of the tab

Media Solutions: 

Unique to Creditsafe, media solutions displays any articles released from press related to the company. If any negative articles are found we can suspend a company’s credit rating and place on the report.