Although 99.9% of all reports are delivered instantly online, it’s not always possible to provide information on every business. Whenever a report is not immediately available to view online we will freshly investigate that business to bring you up-to-date information you can trust. 

The map below shows our typical delivery time for reports we do not hold in our live database.

Requesting a Fresh Investigation on an International Company:

With the need for accurate data and the speed at which it’s delivered, you can now quickly perform a background check on any company that is not available within our instant online database, allowing you to carry on with your business with minimal delay.

Depending on the market, the information we obtain will vary. Using official sources and registries we are able to quickly answer questions about a company’s stability and financial health. Where official information is not available we will conduct a direct interview with the business.

  • If the company you have searched returns no results a 'Fresh Investigation' button will appear (see below).

  • Clicking 'Fresh Investigation' will allow you to enter further details of the company requested along with the cost per report.  (The below shows the example cost for a Fresh Investigation for a company based in the Czech Republic).

  • Once you have entered the required fields scrolling to the bottom of the page will ask you for your contact and personal details.