To upload prospects with similar characteristics to your current or future customers, please follow these simple steps.

You can choose to remember your login information by simply checking the "Remember Username/Password" box. However, if you are using a shared or public computer, it is recommended that you do not do this for security reasons.

Once connected to the website, on the home page, you will find the Marketing Solutions tab on the left side of your screen. Select "Premium Data List".

Step 1: Definition of selection criteria 

  • Geographical location: Regions / Departments / Cities / Urban density
  • Activity: NAF Code / Pro Page Headings
    • The search by activity can be done quickly using the "quick search" engine.
      All you have to do is tick the boxes that the search engine offers you
  • Company profile: Type of establishment / Legal form / Workforce / Group membership / Seniority
    • This category allows you, for example, to select only head offices, companies that have been in existence for more than 10 years, or companies with a seasonal activity.
  • The financial profile: Share capital / Export sales / Result / Credit limit / Risk of default...
    • The strength of the Premium Data List lies mainly in the creation of the financial profile since you can determine the default risk of companies. Thus, you can indicate a range of ratings related to the creditworthiness of the companies you wish to obtain : Score from 1 to 19: all companies with a high risk of default - Score from 20 to 49: all companies with a medium risk of default - Score from 50 to 100: all solvent companies

  • Required information: Telephone / Fax / Financial data / Name of manager
    • This category allows you to choose to obtain only those companies for which we have telephone and fax numbers, the latest financial data and the name of the manager. These fields are optional¬†

Real-time counting

Premium Data List allows you at each step of the selection process to perform a real-time count of the number of companies corresponding to your criteria.

After performing the count, you can choose to save the selection.

Step 2: Saving the selection

Step 2 is to save the current selection. Saving can also be done from the "count" button as described above.

Here it is a question of naming the selection so that it remains saved on your session.

You can then resume and modify this selection later

Step 3: Placing the order

All you have to do is validate the required volume. You can choose to exclude companies already obtained in your previous orders, in the selected selection or companies already present in your deletion lists. Then proceed to the next step.

After validating your order, you will receive a code by email. You will then be able to download your file

Receive your file

To receive your file, you must enter the validation codes that were sent to your email address.

To do this, go to "manage my orders", enter your validation codes and click on "validate".

You are then directed to the page "receive my orders".

Previously ordered files remain displayed for 4 weeks on your account.