After logging in your Creditsafe homepage will display an interactive map on the world with countries in either Red or Grey. A red country indicates that business reports in this region are available online instantly – Creditsafe currently has over 240 million instantly available reports across over 100 countries. Depending on the package you signed up with, your access to international reports may be limited. 

To search for an international business report select the business’ country on the map. 

Alternatively you can select the country you are looking for from the “Select a Country” drop down selector above the map.

When you click on a country via the map, it will provide you with more information on the country, including number of reports available, whether payment information is available, number of companies and GDP. To continue to search for a company click the “Go” button.

From here you will be taken to the search page where you will be asked for company identification details for the business you wish to view a report for. This information may vary across countries, but typically includes both company name and business/registration number.

If you would like to add greater international access to your account, then contact your Account Manager on 02920 886500 to discuss the options further.