Connect your SAGE ERP with the world's leading provider of business information! With more than 240 million companies available online, your customers and prospects are sure to be there.

The interface with Creditsafe allows you to improve quality and decision-making times, with, for example, 80% of failures reported 12 months in advance.


Enrichment and update* of your customer and prospect database on commercial data (HVAC, number of employees, net income, etc.).



Alert and/or block processes in the event of an unfavorable change in a third party's financial status


Receipt of CREDITSAFE alerts (payment incident, privilege) and update of your "customer solvency" tab in SAGE.


Secure your customer portfolio: automatically receive alerts every morning in Excel format

Features and functions: 

Query of CREDITSAFE customer receivables in real time, from any SAGE customer file.

Definition of a list of customers and suppliers to be monitored.

Automatic update of the customer receivables of the monitored companies to allow the blocking of certain processes.

Alerting and reporting of any type of change among the monitored companies.

Completion of customer and prospect files on additional information, automatically.