Chasing businesses can be a very time consuming process and here at Creditsafe we're here to help!

Creditsafe has partnered with a debt collection agency to provide you with a service where you can refer any bad debt to be recovered on a no win no fee basis.

How does Debt Collection work?

1. Clicking 'Debt Collecion' from the left hand-side menu will open the company search page.


  • Search for the company that owes you money in the Creditsafe system entering as many details as possible.
  • Once details are entered, click 'Search'

2. Find the company that owes you money among the relevant search results, and click on the company name to proceed to the next step.

3. Key Information about the chosen company will be shown at the top of the page. Check that the details of the company shown match that of the company that owes you money. Then complete the rest of the debt referral form.

  • Enter the invoice details.
  • Choose a debt collection partner.
  • Check your details.
  • Submit your referral.