To upload a batch of profile names for screening, select Uploads on the left-hand menu bar.

Select upload file and use the radio buttons to select your type of customer profile to be uploaded.

You may download the business template or individual template from the screen.

Populate the necessary details in the relevant template, click the GREEN “upload file” button and then click confirm.

The system will then confirm if the file has been uploaded successfully.

It will then show as ‘In Progress’ until the profiles can be either loaded by the system into the Profiles section (on the left hand menu) or will show an error report.  

Please note the system runs searches into the database on the hour. 

Once the file has been processed, it will show whether the file has been successfully uploaded by showing Completed as below, Partially Completed or Failed.  

Any records that have failed will show in the downloadable report shown above.  Please note, only failed records will appear within this report.  

The error report will stipulate what errors need to be rectified, for example the date convention that is required to ensure that the record can be uploaded successfully i.e. YYYY-MM-DD

The User can then navigate to the monitoring screen on the left hand menu, to view the records uploaded.

They may then review the record and add it to a profile or discount the hits if required.

Please note that you can remove the name from monitoring via the checkboxes next to the name screened.   You should review your monitored list regularly for accuracy and efficiency.