Users subscribed to the identity verification service can verify the identity of an individual.  This is done electronically, by searching an individual’s full name, date of birth and address.   The service will then, run a search against several sources of information to verify the details against, some of which are:


  1. Government controlled sources (VAT, tax office, drivers license details)
  2. Credit Agencies
  3. Telecoms and Utility providers
  4. Commercial and consumer sources


Once you have entered the required details, the search will return the following potential results, with the sources that the details have matched against:


Partial Match:

Full Match:

No Match:

You may then download the report and store this in your CRM or client record systems.

You may also screen the individual against sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media watchlists using the ‘Screen’ button below.

This will retrieve a report from the screening solution within Protect without navigating to another page.