You can access the product via the Data Cleaning URL: The product will use your Creditsafe website credentials. We recommend using the product in Google Chrome for the best results.

Product Dashboard


When you first navigate to Data Cleaning you will be taken to the Product Dashboard or “Home” page.

  1. New Job – Click here to create a new Data Cleaning job and upload a file for cleaning.
  2. Recent Jobs – This widget show your most recently modified Data Cleaning jobs with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Status
    3. Modified Date – the date that the status for the job last changed.
  3. This widget shows you how many credits you have remaining for enriching your records with company information. 
  4. Jobs – Allows you to search, filter and view all your previous Data Cleaning jobs.
  5. Allows you to change your selected language from the list of languages available for your account.

Note: If you are new to Data Cleaning or have not previously run a job, no recent jobs will be displayed.