You will receive an email to the email address assigned to the job when your job has finished matching and is ready for enrichment. To enrich your file, log back into Data Cleaning and either find your job in the Recent Jobs widget on the Home Dashboard or search for it on the “Jobs” screen via the left-hand navigation.

When you job has finished matching, you will be presented with information about the population of companies within your file. This data is intended to give you an overview of the profile of companies within your portfolio. You will find this information presented within the widgets as shown below. The data is presented in either pie-charts or bar-graphs and it is possible to toggle between whole numbers and percentages.

You will notice that the available data with which you can enrich your file is organised into categories, including Company Information, Contact Information, Score and Limit, and so on. Within these categories you will be able to select which data points you wish to enrich your original input file with.

If your file is a file containing data on companies from more than one country, you will see an enrichment tab for each country that is present in your matched file. Please note that the data points available for each country vary due to differences in local data availability. 

The data points avialable for enrichment are grouped in to Data Groups such as “Contact Information”. These groups can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the up/down arrows in the top-right of the group (1). 

You can add a single data point to be enriched to your file by clicking the “Add” button to the right of the data point (2), or alternatively you can add all data points in a single group to your file by clicking the “Add All” button (3). 

Once you have selected all the data points that you wish to enrich your original input file with, click the “Confirm Selection” button in the top-right. If you do not select any data points before clicking “Confirm Selection”, your enriched file will be appended with only the Safe Number for the matched companies, as well as the Code, Banding (A-D) and Description for the matching algorithm on which each row matched. 

You will receive an email once your file has been successfully enriched. At this point you will be able to log back into Data Cleaning and download your enriched file from the “Jobs” screen.

Enriched files are avilable in .csv format, and for jobs under 300,000 rows, they are also available in .xlsx format.

As with the mapping of fields in the loading process, you have the opportunity to manage profiles to make appending data easier. Once you have selected the fields you want to append, you can Save As Template (1) then in future jobs, you can select the template you previously created (2) and select Load Template (3).

Note: Please be aware – if after enriching a file you choose one or more fields to enrich and resubmit the file, you will be charged another credit regardless of the number of additional fields.