‘Profiles’ in Protect are a way of grouping searches together. For instance if you were onboarding ABC Corp and you wanted to search the holding company, subsidiaries, directors and shareholders as separate searches but group them all together, then you would use ‘Profiles’. 

To add an entity or multiple entities to a Profile just select ‘Add # Record To Profile’ in the bottom right hand corner. 

You will then be prompted to either “Create Profile” or “Select Profile”.

If you have an existing profile that you would like to add the record to, you can select it from the drop down menu. You can filter existing profiles by beginning to type a Profile name in. Then simply click ‘Add to Profile’.

If you would like to create a new profile, simply type in your chosen name and click ‘Create Profile’. Keep in mind that all profiles have to have unique names to avoid duplication for audit purposes.

Once you have created or chosen a profile, you will be taken to that profile.

On the profile you will be able to view all the previous searches including the criteria used split into ‘Business Searches’ and ‘Individual Searches’.

If one of these categories has yet to have a search added i.e. you have only searched for businesses and not individuals related to the profile, the unused tab will display the below.

Each Profile also contains a mini audit trail which relates solely to events associated to that profile.

If you want to search the Profile Audit Trail for a specific event, you can search Keywords or Date Range using the ‘Show Filters’ button.

If you want to view the saved information for any of the searches again select the ‘View’ button alongside any of the entities.