To start a new data cleaning job, click ‘New Job’ from the Data Cleaning left hand navigation.

After clicking ‘New Job’ you will be taken to the New Job screen where you can:

  • Edit the contact details that will be assigned to the job.
  • Upload the file that you wish to be cleaned.

Contact Details

By default, the ‘Contact Details’ section will be pre-populated with your contact details but the Contact Person, Contact Telephone and Contact Email can all be overridden. We will send an email when your job has finished matching and is ready for enrichment.

Job Details

Upload a file – To upload a file, you can either drag-and-drop a file in to the file upload box from your file browser, or you can click in the box to browse for a file on your computer. The website supports files up to a maximum size of 35.29MB, and the file must be in one of the following file types: .csv, .xls or .xlsx. There is no limitation on file name.

Job Name - By default, the Job Name will be adopted from the name of the file uploaded, but this can be overridden in the “Job Name” field, making it easier to identify your job on the “Jobs” screen.

File contains header row – You can click this box to mark your file as containing a header row. If you mark your file as containing a header row, the product will attempt to auto-map the columns. Please note, this can also be done on the following screen.

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