Once you have uploaded your file to be cleaned, you will be taken to the “Mappings” screen. From here, you will be able to map the columns from your input file to the list of available matching fields from Creditsafe.

  1. The File Mappings panel will display the first 25 rows contained within the input file to help you accurately map your fields.

  2. Each column has:
    1. A column name, either adopted from your file header row (if the checkbox was selected) or a generic “COLUMN A”, “COLUMN B” etc. if you did not select the “File contains header row” box.
    2. A mapping drop-down that contains the available matching fields that the Data Matching service can match against (e.g. “Company Name” or “Post Code”).

  3. The country drop-down will display “International” by default but you can choose the country for you Data Cleaning job here. It is important to note that if you choose to run an International job, one column must be mapped to “Country”. The “Country” column supports the following formats:
    1. 2-letter or 3-letter ISO country codes (e.g. “US”, “ES”, “GB”, “USA”, “ESP”, “GBR”)
    2. Full country names in English (e.g. “United States of America”, “Spain”, “Canada”)
    3. Country names in local language (e.g. “España”)
    4. Country shortened names / alternate names (e.g. “America”, “United States”, “United Kingdom”, “UK”)

  4. “Templates” allow you to save / load the current mappings for future re-use. This is particularly useful if you wish to match and enrich a file in the same format regularly.

  5. To proceed you can either:
    1. “Save Changes” which will save your mappings in their current state without submitting the job.
    2. “Submit” which will submit your job for matching with the mappings in their current state.