Should Creditsafe Connect return the following messaging then it is indicating that either the "username" and / or "password" being sent in the body of the /authenticate request have either expired or been entered incorrectly:


"message": "Access denied - Please check that your username and password are correct. Please be aware that usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If the problem persists, please contact your Creditsafe account manager." }

In order to resolve this issue, please revisit the body of the original request and ensure that the credentials being entered match those which were provided / created via the "Welcome to Creditsafe Connect" email: 

Please note that if the /authenticate request has been sent three or more times with invalid credentials then the User account will become locked however it's easily un-locked by simply clicking on the following web link, entering the "username" when prompted and clicking "Confirm":

Forgot your password?

Once in receipt of the "Reset your Connect password" email, simply follow the on-screen instructions and create a new password.

The Creditsafe Connect credentials can also be validated by attempting to login to the Connect Portal.

Should you continue to experience issues then please submit a ticket.