State and country/territory picklists are available in the shipping, billing, mailing, and “other” address fields in the account, lead standard objects. 

When performing a match either manually or via the automated data cleaning process match, Creditsafe uses the standard two-digit country ISO codes (GB, US, FR, IT, DE etc). If you have State and Country/Territory Picklist enabled, you may get the Error Message ‘Unable to refresh. Please try again later’, when trying to match some countries.

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 To resolve, create a new text field on the Account e.g. ‘Creditsafe Billing Country’ (similar to below). 

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Once the new field has been created, you will need to update the Field Mappings, Enrichment: Account to map the Country to the new field created and then click Save.

You can use one of the standard workflow automation tools to set the Billing Country picklist to ‘United Kingdom, United States, France etc’ based on the two-digit ISO code. Speak to your Salesforce Administrator on how to do this.