The following steps are here to guide you through the Creditsafe process when requesting your personal information.

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, individuals have the right to request organisations to provide access to the information held about them. This right is known as a SAR ‘Subject Access Request, you can exercise this right at any time.

Before submitting a SAR to Creditsafe Business Solutions Ltd:

We ask that you please ensure that you have tried to resolve the matter with our experiences Query team, or have logged a query/complaint and allowed us the opportunity to investigate and amend anything we may have gotten wrong.

  • If you have followed these steps and still believe the information is incorrect, or would like to verify any information then we will require that a SAR form be completed which can be located here.

Important information you will require before submitting a SAR:

  • You must make sure that your request is in writing
  • Sufficient information is supplied to enable us to:
    • Identify your account
    • Provide enough information that will allow us to locate the exact information you are requesting 
  • Two forms of Identification (this information will need to include a form of photo identification such as a Drivers Licence).
  • Until we are in receipt of this information we will not be in a position to deal with your request.
  • We have 1 month from receipt of your request (SAR) to provide the requested information, we will however try and respond to you as quick as we possibly can.

*Creditsafe Business Solutions do not record all calls made to us. Call recordings are generally retained for 60 days, because of this the specific call you may request may not always be available.