Recently, many of our customers were deeply concerned about doing business with sanctioned Russian entities, unwittingly, as these regulations not only affect financial institutions but are applied to non-regulated businesses as well (approximately 70% of penalties levied are on non regulated businesses).


As such, many of our customers have requested this automated screening solution on our business reports to make their operations more efficient, as many of them are currently manually screening each name individually and then going through a decision-making process afterwards, thus spending valuable time and resources on the manual vetting part of the due diligence process.  The alerts that you are currently viewing would come up as part of any manual screening process, under any vendor for screening solutions, and is not viewed as a negative occurrence but as a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) check point. 


This new feature has been included within the business reports to add further value to your due diligence processes as it gives you an up-to-date scan of any key parties that you may be doing business with, scanning them against the above lists and enabling you to focus your attentions on potential hits only.


Please also rest assured that this part of the report does not affect the credit score or any credit risk element of the report.