The search criteria used to generate the Compliance Alerts in the business report and the Protect results when you click on the flag to view the alert are the same and in 99% of the cases the results displayed by both sources will be the same. However since the Compliance Alerts data is supplied by a different provider to that in Protect we see some minor differences such as:

▪ The Vendor for Compliance Alerts reports on minor PEPs which Protect does not currently include

▪ The Vendor for Compliance Alerts uses a slightly wider search and match remit and may include some very minor risk items

Our test results have shown that differences occur in <1% of searches performed comparing Compliance Alerts and Protect screening; and when differences do occur they are only relating to minor PEPs or minor risk events.

The best practice, in the case of differences, would be to discount the alert seen in business report on the basis that you have not found anything problematic using your independent research and it does not appear in Protect.

Our intention is to include minor PEPs in Protect by mid-2023.