The Trade Payment information held is not personal data (it is business data) and therefore it is not amenable to the Freedom of Information Act. This Act only places relevant duties on public bodies/ certain other bodies listed under the Act (which essentially exercise public functions). Therefore unfortunately we are unable to simply provide the names of the suppliers of payment information due to the non-disclosure agreements in place.

However we do have a discrepancy process if you would like to challenge the payment data; are you able to kindly provide us with a copy of your purchase ledger? - This way our Trade Payment Team will be able to check the payment information contained therein against the information we hold from our trade payment partners to identify any potential discrepancies which may affect your credit rating. (In order to cross reference the data to our information we would need a full list of paid invoices in the last 12 months containing the key information such as invoice number, invoice date, due date, paid date and invoice amount). If any discrepancies were found these would be queried with the data supplier. We would then ask the supplier to allow us to disclose their details to you. If we are unable to contact a particular supplier for verification within 14 days, then these payment experiences would be removed.